Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Leturs to Ant Lisa

Deer Ant Lisa,
mom says y'all lost my last letur so im riting it all over agin. now let me think if i can remember wat i rote last time.
oh yeah!
mom got some kinda papers called divorce. she was very xcited about these papers. i don't know wat they are all about but its kinda like wen i was a pup.remember how xcited i wood get wen there was papers on the floor? so xcited they wood end up getin wet! so wat is the meenin of theses papers called divorce? is it like goin' BOS at ...oh like...westminester or sumthin? i know those kinda things are emportent to humans! mom even hanged them up in a fram on the wall for a wile, now that's just plane silly! everbuddy knows papers belong on the floor!
so ant lisa, let me tell you bout a new frens i made. his name is berdie pigin. i met birdie at my other frens howse, you know sqire squirl. squire had a howse warmin party cuz he jus moved into a new condor. it's a real nice place! he has wall to wall straw and a automatic nut krusher.(whitch by the way ya really need to keep your paws away from it!) squire even has a swimin pool in his yard. we had lots of fun runin and jumpin but i got so hot and thurste i drank all the water out from the pool. squire was mad at me for a long time but we are back to bean frens again
my new fren berdie and his wif berdett had to move to cuz their daughter had to move back home with her kids.
burdettas husben jus died not long ago burdetta was so ovecum with grief that she culdent work or take care of her kids so berdie and berdett are helpin out for awhile burdetta is a real nice gurl and it makes me sad that she is so unhappy. it was a real weird askadent that killed him. he worked overtime that day so it was late at nite and he wanted to stop at the roost to get some seedburgers. wel seems the plac was klosed for the nite but he thoght the fly-thru winda was still open. he flew rite threw the glass cuz he was tired and ina hury and dinnit see the "closed" sinne. poor burdetta! well i gotta go for now its time for my beauty nap. pleaz tell all my frens and famely i love and miss them. im havin berdie and his famely and sqire over for tea tomarow so i got a lots to do!(most empotant is the nap of corse) pleaz tell squire not to be ofended by my squirl frens name being the same as his (but squire always was a litle squirly huh? )
love and kises from
bltiz the wunder dawg

Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday.It is a day to contemplate redemption a solomn time for many christrians. I find myself thinking about forgiveness and what that means to me.When someone does something that hurts you, there are a few ways to respond. Usually the first response, for me at least, is anger followed closely by thoughts of revenge. But I find I'm expending more energy staying angry and vengeful than I can spare. It has hurt me more to hang on to the hurts than it hurts the other person who may not even realize what they've done.So how do you let go of the hurt? I have not found an adequate way of doing that. I try to forgive but I know have not because the hurts still live in my mind. I know that forgiveness doesn't mean that you condone an other's behavior and really you can't 'fix' anyone else, they are responsible for their own behavior. So why forgive? Is it a way to peace within your heart? Is it a duty you must perform as the bible says or you will end up in the hot place after death? I would guess it's in order to find peace within that you forgive. It's more about letting go of your need to hang onto the hurts.
I am watching Diane Sawyer's special on prostitutes tonight and I wonder who will take care of these people? Who will make sure they are safe and cared for? Why are the women arrested but not their not their male clients or the pimps? And why don't these documenteries talk about the male prostitutes?
And when the women who was caught in adultry was brought before Jesus, did He condem her

Saturday, March 15, 2008

What do you do when you're bored?

you could watch t.v.or listen to bon jovi cds or write silly posts on your blog or play with the text colors or play with the font gosh this is so much fun. are we having fun yet? no not yet!
the t.v. is showing our local st pat's day parade. is it nearly spring? it must be at least we didn't have snow falling on our parade today.ok i'll stop being boring now

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In the News

Mr. Spitzer, What were you thinking?!? I really thought we had a winner in Albany this time. I thought Mr. Spitzer would take New York in a new direction.
I guess he did...
I don't think it's a good direction.
It's so stupid. it's outrageous.
It is just sad.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

if you only had six months to live...? part 1

the doctors words hit me with the force of a sledge hammer, like the kind you see at fairs to test your strength by how high you can get that metal puck to go up and hopefully ring the the top.
you should get your affairs in order. i'm so sorry but there is nothing left for us to try. you have maybe six months....his voice trailed off, we sat in silence for a few moments
were those tears i saw welling up in the doctors eyes? perhaps. perhaps it was my wishful thinking. perhaps only a very human need to believe someone cared about my passing, that somehow i'd made a difference here, in this life, to at least one person.
in my stunned and dazed state i left the doctors office and walked the three blocks to a small park and sat there on a cold wooden bench for hours.
the green grass, the new leaves budding on the trees, the yellow daffodils bobbing in the soft breeze, all went unnoticed by me.shouts of laughter from nearby children seemed somehow harsh and jarring to my ears. the sun seemed over-bright to my eyes. this was not a glorious herald of the coming spring nor a celebration on awakening new life, to me on this day it was a sad reminder that i would most likely not see another spring. i ached inside with the loneliness of the thought and couldn't imagine the scene before me with me not there.
a shift in the intensity of the sun a chill in the air roused me from my stupor. i stood and on my stiff legs began to walk toward home. home. a small word yet so rich in meaning. a mom, a dad, kids, a family doing the usual family things.
to be continued
copyright susan voigt march 7 2008

Thursday, March 6, 2008

an inconveint truth

i was watching the movie an inconvenient truth by al gore tonight.(a little shout out to netflix, i just joined and i love the selection and the idea of having movies sent to me!! it's awesome ). while he explaining how green house gases cause global warming it occurred to me that it's kind of like being at a party with a lot of people smoking cigarettes. there's always this layer of smoke that just hangs there in the air and the more people who smoke enter the house the thicker that smog gets. it's not easy to get all that smoke out of the house after everyone has left either.
some people don't think there is really any problem with this thing called global warming. i want to make another comparison to cigarettes here. when the surgeon general said studies showed that cigarettes cause heart disease cancer emphysema, the tobacco companies said that other studies showed no connection between smoking and these diseases. i remember thinking ,'well maybe cigarettes are bad but no one seems to know for sure, so i'll just keep smoking till they do'. that was pretty stupid huh? well maybe global warming isn't real but do really want to be 'stupid' and do nothing? maybe it will it just go away. maybe we will just go away with global warming as well.or our kids will.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008



Empty heart
Alone. Alone
in dead zone
numb, cold.
Icicles form in place of heart
and mind.
No care taken of the body-betrayer
Pain, pain
rises up within
Seething, roiling, bubbling
Everlasting to everlasting
Racking, coursing throughout
a betraying and broken body
broken on the rocks of tempest tossed seas
lift raft gone, disappeared into the mist
Just you alone in raging seas
with broken body, broken mind
looking for release
from pain that does not cease.
Light a cigarette, drink some wine.
Yes drink deep and long of
chilled red wine.
Siren whine. Shrill empty howling
Whine, whine, whine.
Red wine for Red whine
Blinding headache whine.
Muscle whine.
Lung whine.
Belly whine.
Old decrepit
creaking-knees-on-stairs whine
Bitter, sour wine.
look for food in cupboards bare.
Nothing to sustain you there,
only ancient bones of long past feasts.
Empty words,
vacant stares
of people who pretend to care.
What does it matter if there
is one less whine.
In the dead zone by and by
we lay down our heads to sleep
the sleep of the undead
until the red wine is gone
and the red whine is finally turned off,
at last
cpoyright july 2007 susan voigt