Sunday, February 22, 2009

What's In A Word

I have run ascross the word snafu quite a bit lately. I wonder if those of us who use it knows where it comes from. in my wanderings through dictionaries (I've been known to read dictionaries and encylopeidias for fun) and other such wonderful books. I ran acroos this word "snafu" it originated in the world war 2 era and came from our soldiers. SNAFU Situation Normal All F@@ked Up. So now I know! And I'm not surpised at it's origin.It still fits most government offices, in my humble opinion.
Live well, commit some random acts of Kindness

Monday, February 9, 2009

TwilightZone or Jackie Glesson?

You decide..
Take one middle aged woman who is a bit wobbly and walks as if she's three sheets to the wind on a good day, add one four wheeled walker, a slightly insecure service dog mix well and send them off on a bus trip to Strong Hospital in Rochester.
4:30 a.m. The wobbly woman can't sleep because she is anxious about their up coming trip. The weather report had called for nasty winter weather, possibly large snow falls.So she is packing enough food for her puppy just in case they are stranded in the bus station in Rochester. She packs lunch and snacks for her self. makes sure she has enough baggies in the doggy bag for clean up, along with the pooper scooper and mean green clean up wipes.puppy bowl bottle of water. it's very much like traveling with a young child.
5:00 a.m. She makes a pot of coffee and nibbles on a piece of coffee cake while she checks her bag to make sure she hasn't forgotten anything important, like the CD's, CD player, extra batteries, fanny pack with all the necessary cards, smokes, extra smoke supplies, beading junk, two books. oh hey, maybe she should toss in some yarn and stuff just in case she feels like crocheting too. well, who knows, it might be a very long trip, better safe than sorry, right?
6:00 a.m She is now on her 5th cuppa coffee. Attempting to remain somewhat calm. This is a lost cause. Calm is not in her vocabulary on most days! This day is worse as she is having a running battle with medicaid about transportation, a lawyer who is "trying" to help(lawyers are most definitely trying), and social security who maintain the pittance she receives for disability is more than adequate for her needs.It's just too bad so sad that there are all these extra expenses. Nothing anyone can do about no doctors in your area. Gee that's just too bad! So get over it already!
7:00 a.m. She is dressed and puppy is dressed, the puppy has been out to potty(twice already) it is so cold her pee freezes on contact. They go back inside to try to wait patiently for the taxi that will pick them up at 7:30. Please, don't be late! Pleasepleaspleaseplease!! Oh God will she ever get through this day without going nuclear? Tis doubtful, sure is.
Another cup o joe, another smoke, stay glued to the window looking for the taxi.
7:35 a.m. no taxi yet. WHERE IS IT!!! Oh GOD! We're gonna miss the bus to the City!!! We"ll miss the greyhound!!!!! Oh Balls!
Call the taxi company....he's nearby be here in two shakes of a lambs tail.
Grab the dog lock the door, thank God the walker is outside already. There is so much snow and she can't shovel so the ramp is pretty useless in winter, can't get the power chair out, the walker either....but she struggles through. gotta do what ya gotta do.She has kind neighbors though, who shovel for her sometimes.
Taxi pulls into the drive, goes all the way to end, he's turning around, she thinks. No he's sitting there! What the fugggg!! What is doing! Is he stuck? Hey!! She waves her arms frantically. He's moving! YES! this is good.
They gave him the wrong friggin lot number!
She's on her way now. Hope they don't miss the first bus. Take a deep breath...take about ten while you're at it! Taxi driver tells her they could work out a deal, they do it for some other folks who go to Rochester. Rent the cab for $40.00 an hour. It'll probably work out about the same as going by grayhound. She will most definitely be thinking about this later.
8:19 She's on the bus going into the city. She's breathing a bit easier now. The rest should be a piece of cake.
Off the bus, take the puppy over to the far side so she can do the potty thing. It's only slightly warmer but the big snow falls have been changed to snow maybe but nothing too serious. She's hoping for smooth sailing the rest of the day.
Go inside, collect the ticket. Did she remember to turn off the coffee pot? Lock the door? Leave the kitty enough food and water? Yes Yes! But....are you sure...that nasty little voice in the back of her head that just loves to mess with her, asks in a soft little whisper.
Buy coffee hit the ATM machine, visit the little girl's room. OOPPPS! doggy zigged when she shoulda cup upside down on the floor! Hmmm, that lid is wicked good, no spilled coffee, wow!
10:25 take puppy out for one last potty break before boarding the bus.
10:30 a.m. all aboard if ya can't get a board get a plank!! They are on the bus and on their way to Rochester! Yippee Skippy! She thinks that maybe things are going to be OK after all.
12:05 p.m. Arrive in Rochester, look for a taxi. first taxi doesn't want to take the dog, the driver is afraid of doggies. Taxi behind him takes them to the hospital. It's been awhile since she has been here. She goes in the way she has before but UH-OH! they have moved their office! oh almightly Chit!!! now she is lost, getting more anxious by the minute. Someone who works in the hospital helps her find the neuro clinic. It's touch and go there for a few minutes. They think they found it but the receptionist misunderstood her last name...oopppss! wait a minute! Yup she's got it! Right place after all. Everyone loves the puppy, and puppy is being such a good girl. Her sweet puppy eyes and waggy little tail captivate a young boy. The boy looks like he's maybe two or a bit younger. He wants to pet the puppy and she is happy to let the cutie pet her baby.
4:15 p.m. back to the bus station. The bus leaves here at 5:40 p.m. not too long to wait. She is looking forward to getting back home. They go out for smoke and potty breaks now and then.Someone who works for grayhound tells her she can't bring the dog in the station. She explains the puppy is a service dog. She asks if they are waiting for the bus, yes she replies. The grayhound lady says she hopes they know about a dog! ( when you travel by bus with a service dog you have to call the center for passengers with disabilities like 2 or more days before you travel. and if you need a bus with a lift they have those too! so grayhound did indeed"know about the dog")
7:18 p.m. back to the home bus station. Buy a coffee and muffin, feed the puppy, water the puppy. ( hmm she didn't grow any after she was water!)
make sure the kidlet is NOT coming to pick them up. make other calls, no one answers. She wanders around awhile. Take thee puppy out, have a smoke. wander inside. read a book, play the video game listen to CD's. make more phone calls to see about a ride... no luck wander around some more outside with puppy so she can potty, have a smoke. go back in and people watch.
12:00a.m. take off jacket and boots sit on floor with puppy, puppy stops whining and goes to sleep, she people watches, reads, makes a beaded bracelet.They go out side for a potty break and smoke.
Someone in the bus station causing trouble, cops come and take the person away.
3:00a.m Still sitting on the floor on her jacket with puppy, still reading, eats some of her lunch. people watching
She is thinking this has turned into a very bad no good trip!
4:00a.m same chit different day
5:00a.m. same ole stuff
6:40a.m first bus back towards home! AT F###$^ LAST!!!
Get off bus go in search of a you know there are no pay phones anywhere anymore? Lots of signs for pay phones lots of empty phone booths but NO PHONES! She ends up in a Colonial Laundry and she has a serious melt down. A very nice gentleman makes a phone call for her but the line is..yup you guessed it!....busy!
the very kind gentleman gives her and the puppy a ride home. Thank you thank you kind sir!
She and the puppy spend three days mostly sleeping. But they are better now