Saturday, October 23, 2010


                                                                       The Desent  

Sitting alone
at the top of the hill.
Deep in the woods all is still.
Quiet surrounds me,
encased in a tomb.
The blackness comes over me
Opens old wounds,
Oozing the poison from deep within.
Running again
with no place to hide.
Life oozes out as
blackness creeps in.
Into the pits I weariy spin.
Life drains away
as I step inside
a living Hell
Where no one can hide.
Twisted and broken
thrown on the heap
All my emotions dead
at my feet
Nothing is left
There is nothing to tell
One final drink
And I bid thee.......

                            Thats the Way It Is

Of love shared but now forgotten
Life is lived in deep despair
Among shattered dreams, crushed hopes
I live on the edge of world
See no future anywhere
Only past with bitter sweet memories
of days long ago
With all the dreams and
Nothing impossible
Could have flown to the moon,
Soared above clouds
On bird-wing joy
Bound through feilds, forests
clamber over rocks
Like nimble sure-foot hind
Sing songs with laughing streams.
To soon it ends, too soon it ends
Every child "grows up"
Learning world ways
Money is king
Things more important, people don't matter
Love learns to hate
Golden rule re-written
'do unto others before they do unto you'
guerrilla -warfare-grown-up-games
Learn to attack, to destroy the enemy
but first must learn
the enemy name
All things good
Every just and fair and kind person
Kindness and courtesy are childish things
no longer to be practiced
Do not do good things
Be not kind,
for then you will be destroyed
And all hopes and all dreams got too
And so children remember these rules and such as was written here
And then decide not to grow up at all!!