Thursday, December 30, 2010

Radar christmas

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas by Radar T. D. O'Reily

Wowza! Wowza! My person just had this thing called Christmas. I don't understands this thing called Christmas but people are a puzzle to me! My person brought in this tree called Christmas Tree. I don't think it's a really tree cuz it don't smell like any kinda tree I've ever smell before and it's all prickly. So I asked Chirp about all this cuz she is way smarter about people than me. Chirp says the tree called Christmas is a pretend tree that get put away at the end of chrisstmas to be saved and put up again next year. Chrirp also explained about hiding stuff in boxes covered with shinny paper,those are called gifts and people give them to each other. Gifts make people be happy, it's kinda like a hug and a pet that our person gives Chirp and me. I like hugs from my person. I learned something about those trees called Christmas, ya gotta be careful of em,they have pretty,frangile shinny stuff on em and they fall over easy. Like one time Chirp and me were playing and i wagged my tail too much and the tree fell over! Wowza! That was really scary! And something else is that person called Santa Claws, I wonder if it's really a big cat and not a person. Well, Santa Claws comes to leave gifts under the tree called Christmas at night when every one iss sleeping. I tried to stay awake to see him but i musta fell asleep. In the morning our person gave me and Chirp some new chewy toys from Santa Claws. My person took some pctures with some thing called camera. I don't what that is I'll have to ask Chirp about camera and get back to you later. But anyway,I made daybeaut in video pictures and you can watch em if you want right here!
Note from Radar's person having tech difficulty if i ever get an anwer to how to fix the problem from blogger i will post the video. But i wouldn't hold my breath waiting!
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


A mother holds you close in the night
When those terrible monsters give you a fright.
A mother kisses your skinned knees,
Dries your tears,calms your fears.
A mother is always the best of cooks
And she reads to you the most interesting of books.
She is always the most beautiful woman in the world!
She has such a special smile, a heart that is tender and true.
She's there to help on that very first date.
And picks up the pieces when first your heart breaks.
A mother is someone so strong and tall,
Gentle and kind,
A mixture of all the most delightful things!
A mother is someone who makes your heart sing
With joyous songs of each new day,
Of love and laughter shared along the way.
Mother"s are all terrific but because you are mine,
You are the bestest mother of all time!
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busy hands

I crocheted this dinosaur for my grandson from a pattern in creative home magazine. I started this a year ago in oct planing to give it to jake for christmas. He'll get it this year! I also found a pattern for this bee on the inside of a red heart yarn wrapper. The bee was easy...only took one day!
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