Tuesday, January 22, 2008

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there are a number of adds on tv for all kinds of drugs. if you have a problem tell your doctor and ask for the latest wonder drug. later you can call those lawyers who also advertise on tv to sue the drug companies for the serious side effects of all the new wonder drugs. better living through chemistry!

some antidepressants some anti epilectics, almost all anti psychotic drugs cause tardive dyskeniesia. it is brain damage. it is permanent. it does not go away. it can not be treated. they can give more drugs to control the symptoms, but most of those also cause t.d. i know this. i have t.d. parents need to really think about this before letting some doctor say their young child has bi polar disorder and to treat them with drugs. i was an adult when i took these drugs. the antidepressants side effects were so awful, i tried twice to commit suicide. thanks to my psychiatrist i'm now a happy well adjusted freak