Thursday, December 30, 2010

Radar christmas

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas by Radar T. D. O'Reily

Wowza! Wowza! My person just had this thing called Christmas. I don't understands this thing called Christmas but people are a puzzle to me! My person brought in this tree called Christmas Tree. I don't think it's a really tree cuz it don't smell like any kinda tree I've ever smell before and it's all prickly. So I asked Chirp about all this cuz she is way smarter about people than me. Chirp says the tree called Christmas is a pretend tree that get put away at the end of chrisstmas to be saved and put up again next year. Chrirp also explained about hiding stuff in boxes covered with shinny paper,those are called gifts and people give them to each other. Gifts make people be happy, it's kinda like a hug and a pet that our person gives Chirp and me. I like hugs from my person. I learned something about those trees called Christmas, ya gotta be careful of em,they have pretty,frangile shinny stuff on em and they fall over easy. Like one time Chirp and me were playing and i wagged my tail too much and the tree fell over! Wowza! That was really scary! And something else is that person called Santa Claws, I wonder if it's really a big cat and not a person. Well, Santa Claws comes to leave gifts under the tree called Christmas at night when every one iss sleeping. I tried to stay awake to see him but i musta fell asleep. In the morning our person gave me and Chirp some new chewy toys from Santa Claws. My person took some pctures with some thing called camera. I don't what that is I'll have to ask Chirp about camera and get back to you later. But anyway,I made daybeaut in video pictures and you can watch em if you want right here!
Note from Radar's person having tech difficulty if i ever get an anwer to how to fix the problem from blogger i will post the video. But i wouldn't hold my breath waiting!
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


A mother holds you close in the night
When those terrible monsters give you a fright.
A mother kisses your skinned knees,
Dries your tears,calms your fears.
A mother is always the best of cooks
And she reads to you the most interesting of books.
She is always the most beautiful woman in the world!
She has such a special smile, a heart that is tender and true.
She's there to help on that very first date.
And picks up the pieces when first your heart breaks.
A mother is someone so strong and tall,
Gentle and kind,
A mixture of all the most delightful things!
A mother is someone who makes your heart sing
With joyous songs of each new day,
Of love and laughter shared along the way.
Mother"s are all terrific but because you are mine,
You are the bestest mother of all time!
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busy hands

I crocheted this dinosaur for my grandson from a pattern in creative home magazine. I started this a year ago in oct planing to give it to jake for christmas. He'll get it this year! I also found a pattern for this bee on the inside of a red heart yarn wrapper. The bee was easy...only took one day!
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

deaf can do anything but hear

Don't laugh at me,laugh with me.
Don't shut me out, be my friend.
Learn my language so we can share thoughts and feelings.
It's lonely for me when !'m surrounded by hearing people who make no effort to understand and befriend me.
Don't be afraid of deafness, it's not contagious.
Being different doesn't mean being 'bad'.
I'm not stupid,although I may seem so to you, I just can't hear.
When it's difficult for me to understan what you're trying to tell,
Don't give up and tell me 'Never Mind!'
Please don't talk about me like I'm not there,that's just rude.
Sometimes I wish I could hear birds sing,crickets chirp, but sometimes I'm glad I can't hear.
Sometimes the silence is nice,at times though the silence is opresive
It is a sad fact of life that discrimination because of a disabilty has to legislated against.
But you can't make laws that will change what's in a person's heart, only each indevidual can do that.
I have the same feelings and needs as you do.
Sometimes a hug would make my day,
So let's be friends ok?
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Saturday, October 23, 2010


                                                                       The Desent  

Sitting alone
at the top of the hill.
Deep in the woods all is still.
Quiet surrounds me,
encased in a tomb.
The blackness comes over me
Opens old wounds,
Oozing the poison from deep within.
Running again
with no place to hide.
Life oozes out as
blackness creeps in.
Into the pits I weariy spin.
Life drains away
as I step inside
a living Hell
Where no one can hide.
Twisted and broken
thrown on the heap
All my emotions dead
at my feet
Nothing is left
There is nothing to tell
One final drink
And I bid thee.......

                            Thats the Way It Is

Of love shared but now forgotten
Life is lived in deep despair
Among shattered dreams, crushed hopes
I live on the edge of world
See no future anywhere
Only past with bitter sweet memories
of days long ago
With all the dreams and
Nothing impossible
Could have flown to the moon,
Soared above clouds
On bird-wing joy
Bound through feilds, forests
clamber over rocks
Like nimble sure-foot hind
Sing songs with laughing streams.
To soon it ends, too soon it ends
Every child "grows up"
Learning world ways
Money is king
Things more important, people don't matter
Love learns to hate
Golden rule re-written
'do unto others before they do unto you'
guerrilla -warfare-grown-up-games
Learn to attack, to destroy the enemy
but first must learn
the enemy name
All things good
Every just and fair and kind person
Kindness and courtesy are childish things
no longer to be practiced
Do not do good things
Be not kind,
for then you will be destroyed
And all hopes and all dreams got too
And so children remember these rules and such as was written here
And then decide not to grow up at all!!


Monday, September 6, 2010

Book Of The Week

                                  "The Lovely Bones" by Alice Sebold

This is a really good read. I couldn't put The Lovely Bones down once I started it. Told from the point of view of the murdered girl, it chronicles the family's ups and downs after her murder. Susie tells us about her first days in heaven,how she watches over her family and friends wishing she could tell them who her killer is and wanting to comfort her family , but being unable to. It's a touching, warm, sometimes funny tale of what happens to her family after Susie's brutal murder.
I highly recommend The Lovely Bones 
The Lovely Bones


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Peek... Your Inbox in Your Pocket

 The Peek is a really good idea but they need to work out some the bugs. I bought the Peek in May but it was July 2 before I was able to get a signal so that I could register my email. It has two weeks before I was able to read a part of an email. I sent two emails. I  hope they work out the bugs soon because it's frustrating as anything. I bought it with the idea that using Peek would be fun and easier to post to my blogs.

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(No subject)

Ok we are trying out this peek thing. At
the moment I have almost no signal. It is very iffy, now my signal is-strong so I better send this be4 I get that big red x meaning nadda nothing NO signal

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The adventures Of Radar O"Riely

  Well, last night Chirp and me went out for a trip in some kinda contraption my person calls a car. At first I was kinda scared because cars are noisy smelly things. We went for a long drive to something my person called a rabbits clinic. We had a pretty full car. It was my person and her two favorite little persons she calls grandiekids or something like that. I asked Chirp about that because she is older and has lived with people longer than me.  (Chirp is seven years and I'm only 10 months) She says it is not easy figuring out why some people are very important to our person and others are kind of important or not at all. Anyway, I got to sit on one of the grandiekids' lap and oh wow it was just so much fun! You wouldn't believe how fast all the trees and houses went past us! There were other things called cars flying past us too. Chirp says that people call all these things cars even though they don't look nothing alike. After awhile we got to this really big house, I guess it"s where the people have their rabbits clinics. Oh wow! All the smells there! other dogs smells and cat smells and people smells! I could have spent days there just enjoying all those smells! Our person left us with the man who brought us there and went to do something called registering us for the rabbits clinic. I asked Chirp where the rabbits were because I didn't see any anywhere and not a little whiff of their smell. Oh man, people are really something else! Just before our person left us to do that registering thing one of the strange people made the huge door close and it scared me so bad!! I thought it would come over and grab me or something! But my person didn't seem upset, she talked quiet to me and Chirp wasn't upset at all. Chirp says people can do some pretty strange stuff but most of the time it's not to hurt anyone.
  Then this guy grabs me and sticks something sharp in me. It was OK until i seen him grab Chirp too and that made all kinds of upset. But the person with didn't seem upset and Chirp wasn't upset either. In fact Chirp told me to get a grip! This is just part of the rabbits clinic! I should do what our person says... I should behave and stop acting like an animal! After we both got stuck with those sharp little sticks we were all done with the rabbits clinic and we all got back into the car and drove home. It was mostly fun but I'm kind of confuzzeled about where the rabbits were and why it's called a rabbits clinic. Who can ever understand people? I hope my person takes me on some more trips in the car.

Live At The Troubadour [CD / DVD Combo]


Friday, May 28, 2010

I just heard the news, Gary Coleman has died. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family