Wednesday, November 24, 2010

deaf can do anything but hear

Don't laugh at me,laugh with me.
Don't shut me out, be my friend.
Learn my language so we can share thoughts and feelings.
It's lonely for me when !'m surrounded by hearing people who make no effort to understand and befriend me.
Don't be afraid of deafness, it's not contagious.
Being different doesn't mean being 'bad'.
I'm not stupid,although I may seem so to you, I just can't hear.
When it's difficult for me to understan what you're trying to tell,
Don't give up and tell me 'Never Mind!'
Please don't talk about me like I'm not there,that's just rude.
Sometimes I wish I could hear birds sing,crickets chirp, but sometimes I'm glad I can't hear.
Sometimes the silence is nice,at times though the silence is opresive
It is a sad fact of life that discrimination because of a disabilty has to legislated against.
But you can't make laws that will change what's in a person's heart, only each indevidual can do that.
I have the same feelings and needs as you do.
Sometimes a hug would make my day,
So let's be friends ok?
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