Saturday, May 14, 2011


My ears do not work.
They are BROKEN.
My eyes do not work.
They are BROKEN.
My legs do not work.
They are BROKEN.
My mind does not work.
My muscles do not work.
They are BROKEN.
So I watch the people,
Who think I don't notice when they mock me
As my muscles cause my arms to flail
And the ones who ooze phoney sympathy from their
every pore
And laugh at you after their work-day is done
And the doctors who are so sure
That your BROKEN mind is the only thing that is
Ever wrong,
The body is never BROKEN as long as you have a
BROKEN mind.
And at the end of your BROKEN life
All those who tried in vain to fix your BROKEN-NESS
To make you like them, to fit into their world-veiw,
Will all proclaim We trie to fix her but she refused to see she was BROKEN and therefore we could not fix her at all.
People throw BROKEN things away.
God takes them from the garbage and uses them anyway
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Everyone Loves A Clown

      Everyone loves a clown but this clown has a broken heart. So where are yyou? I'm a lonely funny clown but I have feelings too. So anyway lock the door when you leave, stop the mail and the newspapers too. I don't live here anymore.

And so,just why are so sad and blue?
I've told you before I'll tell you again.
"Smile, it ain't all that bad"
 "A frown ain't nothing but a smile turned upside down"
"Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone!"
do you wanna be alone?
"don't let the see ya sweat"
 "Don't sweat the small stuff"
Life is a cliche
"Happy are those who never let anyone see you cry"
"Don"t pout"
"Happy are those who have no feelings or opinions"
"Never discuss politics or religion"
How 'bout sex? drugs? rock n roll?
Sorry that comes under both politics and religion!
"Don't be a wet blanket, don't rain on my parade"
"Don't be a party pooper"
Life really is a cliche, old boy
can we talk about wars? and hate? and dying in the streets?
Ahh politics and religion again, sorry old son.
 "Don't worry. Be happy"
"It all comes out in the wash"
Can we discuss Soul Murderers? Dream killers?
Negatory on that, politics and religion again you see. You wanna get along in this world just remember the only rule you'll ever need
"Everyone loves a CLOWN!"