Thursday, June 10, 2010

The adventures Of Radar O"Riely

  Well, last night Chirp and me went out for a trip in some kinda contraption my person calls a car. At first I was kinda scared because cars are noisy smelly things. We went for a long drive to something my person called a rabbits clinic. We had a pretty full car. It was my person and her two favorite little persons she calls grandiekids or something like that. I asked Chirp about that because she is older and has lived with people longer than me.  (Chirp is seven years and I'm only 10 months) She says it is not easy figuring out why some people are very important to our person and others are kind of important or not at all. Anyway, I got to sit on one of the grandiekids' lap and oh wow it was just so much fun! You wouldn't believe how fast all the trees and houses went past us! There were other things called cars flying past us too. Chirp says that people call all these things cars even though they don't look nothing alike. After awhile we got to this really big house, I guess it"s where the people have their rabbits clinics. Oh wow! All the smells there! other dogs smells and cat smells and people smells! I could have spent days there just enjoying all those smells! Our person left us with the man who brought us there and went to do something called registering us for the rabbits clinic. I asked Chirp where the rabbits were because I didn't see any anywhere and not a little whiff of their smell. Oh man, people are really something else! Just before our person left us to do that registering thing one of the strange people made the huge door close and it scared me so bad!! I thought it would come over and grab me or something! But my person didn't seem upset, she talked quiet to me and Chirp wasn't upset at all. Chirp says people can do some pretty strange stuff but most of the time it's not to hurt anyone.
  Then this guy grabs me and sticks something sharp in me. It was OK until i seen him grab Chirp too and that made all kinds of upset. But the person with didn't seem upset and Chirp wasn't upset either. In fact Chirp told me to get a grip! This is just part of the rabbits clinic! I should do what our person says... I should behave and stop acting like an animal! After we both got stuck with those sharp little sticks we were all done with the rabbits clinic and we all got back into the car and drove home. It was mostly fun but I'm kind of confuzzeled about where the rabbits were and why it's called a rabbits clinic. Who can ever understand people? I hope my person takes me on some more trips in the car.

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